A1though Germans Iike to protect their confidentiality. Miete und Nebmkostm sind monatlich Sparbetrieb lJ raus, spatestens am 3.

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Er ffnet die Wohnungstr. Please, take a seal. The aparlment is on the fourth Roof. Turn left there. I brought something for yOll. However, but you are confident of your pronunciation, you can also use Lhis blue-collar on ils own. Ein-Words 5. Wortbildung Word formation 4.

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Er will nicht im Hotel wohnen, sonden! Das war ja einfach. I'm anxious I forgot. Akiss or a bear hug is only appropriate among friends or relatives. The term der Altbau refers to buildings tram the time prior to World War u. Please abandon your coot and bags here befare proceeding into the exhibition.

The Simple Past Strong verbs in lhe simple past tense show stern vowel changes. Cornpare: Kevin Milton ist nur4 Tage in Mnchen. My name is Schaller. That was an easy activity. I Just amoment, please. Tomorrow is the sixth of December. All you need is your passport.

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